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From that perspective, going to someplace I’ve never been and experiencing the textures, colors, tastes and smells takes me out of my norm and pushes my boundaries. What’s new from fashion-forward and technology-based companies? I look to adjacent markets and other countries to see what’s happening.

In order to create meaningful experiences for other people, you have to push yourself in ways you may have not considered in the past. Whether it’s traveling or looking at other industries, I want to know what’s new and innovative. When I started design, I was very focused on hospitality, where you’re able to make an impact on people for the short time they’re there.

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Most baby boomers are already using technology, and they’re going to expect that technology is available in their new homes.

We’re helping improve Senior Living by making those services available so that residents and staff who want to use them are able to.

With an array of industry experience and an eye for future trends, Patrick works with communities nationwide to expand their technology to meet the needs of residents and staff.

Whatever your inspiration, Aptura can help you translate it into life-enhancing environments. From architecture and nature to people and places, inspiration can be found anywhere – and it’s key to creating incredible Senior Living environments.

Aligning with industry standards is going to make us more efficient and will improve the information we provide to installers so systems function better and meet the needs of our clients.

For example, we’re working on a sequence of operations for installing doors. By giving them specific directions on how to install each piece of technology, like intercoms, wander management systems and electronic hardware, systems will function the same way on each door.

For Aptura’s Vice President of Design Jeanna Korbas, her passion for travel heavily influences her designs.

Learn which trip she found most inspirational and what she believes is changing the Senior Living industry in our conversation below.

I help our designs meet the standards, and I write standards!

As the chair of the BICSI Information Transport Systems Design and Implementation Standard for Healthcare Institutions Committee, I help write the design manuals for our industry.

One example is an intercom system that reports to staff members’ phones. They expect the same or better technology than what they’ve had in their homes.

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