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“The media actually started referring to me as ‘America’s Dating Coach,'” she said. It kind of happened by accident, like most things in life.” As a dating coach, Patti is straightforward, telling singles what they need to hear. I’m more sure of myself because I’ve proven myself.” When she sits down with a client, she doesn’t like to waste time or tiptoe around the truth about dating in the 21st century.


“Everybody comes to me because they need different things: maybe they want a pep talk, their online profile done, or even a matchmaker.” Her custom services are designed to fit a diverse clientele, with an age range from late 20s to early 60s.

Recently, Patti has seen an influx of divorcees who are older and looking to dive back into a dating environment that’s changed greatly since the last time they were single.

From this dating coach, the modern dater can get help with online dating.

Patti will help you pick the right dating site for your needs, give your profile a makeover, and even create outreach emails for you to send to prospective dates.

She built her dating empire in 2002, using her expertise to motivate and advise single men and women.

“I didn’t know I was a dating coach, at the time,” she recalled.She may seem like a mind reader to some clients, but she’s just very good at what she does.“The stories are incredibly the same, based on the person, and maybe with a few different nuances,” she commented, “but people generally fall into categories so you can pin it down right away.” Though the medium of dating has transformed, Patti doesn’t believe the dating expectations of men and women have changed very much.“Dating coaching isn’t just about behavior, it’s also about perception,” according to her website.With upfront advice and image consulting, Patti prods people into presenting themselves in the best possible light so that any date will be instantly impressed.The Short Version: Patti Feinstein has been in the dating coaching business for over 20 years and has proven her ability to help singles find love and happiness.

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