Are chace crawford and taylor momsen dating

They shopped the after-Christmas sales on Rodeo Drive and Reza picked up yet another pair of Gucci loafers at a good price.

Chace and Taylor were spotted at a holiday party at Haven on East 51st Street playing tonsil hockey in the corner, according to spies at Page Six.

If they're already making out at work (above photo) why not throw in a few more make out sessions outside work? Last week fellow cast members Ed Westwick and Jessica Szohr were also caught making out at a Dallas airport waiting to catch a flight back to New York.

After graduating from high school he enrolled in Pepperdine University and studied advertising, business and communications.

It wasn't until his sophomore year that his mother encouraged him to give acting a shot.

By and by he becomes more adjusted, but he still thinks the world of the Upper East Side crowd is highly immoral.

Dan is an aspiring writer who in the books writes delightfully awful poetry but in the TV series prefers short stories. Dan's younger sister who starts off idolizing Serena and wanting Blair's respect.

Hardly ever seen in season four, and with Taylor Momsen dropped from the regular cast (and her subsequent announcement she was quitting acting in favour of music) likely to not appear at all in season five.

Biological mother to Serena and Eric, adoptive mother to Chuck, stepmother to Dan and Jenny.

Her innocence vanishes more and more each season and by now she could probably out-bitch Blair if she wanted to.

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