Autistic dating website

Please describe consultation supports and how it helps users to be safe and responsible in using a your dating site. It is something we considered when we came up with our pricing module for the coaching.

Currently right now, we are offering an hour free of coaching and eventually will charge an hour, offering packages for 5 and 10 hours which you will get a reduced rate.

Dating, with its unpredictable outcomes and unspoken language of social cues, can be difficult enough – but when you have a condition such as Autism or Asperger Syndrome, you add on a whole new level of complexity.

It’s the reason why many people with both conditions have been turning to online dating.

There has been a huge gap in the online dating community.

Until recently, the autism community has been under-represented in a world full of websites like e Harmony and OKCupid or specialty sites like J-Date and My Lovely Parent (the dating site for older, single parents). Olivia Cantu and her mother, Kristen Fitzpatrick, noticed there was something missing from the world of online dating: a site built by people who are on the spectrum people on the spectrum.

After doing research on how much coaches charge for this, I feel like our fee is very reasonable. When did you launch your site, and how many active members currently use your platform to meet others? We currently have 79 active members on our site, but are looking to expand that and get the word out to new users to grow opportunities to meet others with like minds.

As the founder, what is your background; what inspired you to create this site?

Then we talked on the phone before meeting in person.

The site allowed us to be friends without meeting then be better friends after meeting.

Spectrum Singles is not solely focused on the romantic side of relationship building either. The fact that the community is online makes it very easy to communicate with others.

Without the overwhelming stimulus of many public places or the pressure to read body language, members can communicate comfortably and get to know each other better.

The one relationship in my life that was good and real ended because I moved away. It is in this spirit I sat down to write up questions for uneepi’s CEO and Founder, Thomas Sheil. I notice you have a “consultant” section on your autism dating site.

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