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From the abstract: "This presentation will cover topics about all aspects of CTF organization: the history of CTF, building a cross-functional organizing team that sticks together year after year, developing a game infrastructure that handles the onslaught of attacks from players, and the stories behind some of the most difficult CTF challenges ever built." As always, enjoy and share the info.Be sure to join us in Vegas for the brand new CTF run by the scrappy upstarts in The Order of the Overflow.

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Friendly reminder that the Data Duplication Village has a CFP that's open until June 15th. In the spirit of DEF CON 26’s theme “1983: The View from Dystopia’s Edge”, we offer some homework reading with a focus on critical thinking. It’s compiled by the redoubtable Russ Kick of the legendary first version of, and it’s a sage, provocative collection of bite-size think pieces from all over the cognitive map.

Which is super soon, so if you're looking to speak there we suggest haste and focus. The only through line is that many of your assumptions are garbage. “The Undercover Economist” is Tim Harford’s wry take on the basics of economic theory, with a special emphasis on the strange and counterintuitive ways the tangled forces of the economy affect your daily reality.

DEF CON 26 Entertainment Announcement: Juno Reactor! There are meetings throughout DEF CON - Noon and five pm Thursday through Saturday and Noon on Sunday. Now that you’ve had a whole day to absorb the epic Village list, we’ve got some more goodies for you.

Renda 'Twas the week before DEF CON By Zack Fasel Don't Forget About the Q&A Sessions by The Suggmeister How Do I Make My CFP Stand Out? looking for a meeting, or just a quiet moment to regroup from the Vegas of it all, we have you covered.

Ranging from the straightforward elegance of the Tin Foil Hat Challenge to the complexity of an Industrial Control Systems CTF competition, there’s contests here for just about any hacker discipline, and every level of skill or experience.

The location is the same as last year, in Office 4 Behind the DEF CON Info Booth. The Contests and Events page is now LIVE, and it’s also quite a bit to take in.

More DEF CON 26 goodies for your perusal – Demo Labs are Live! The spots traditionally fill up pretty quick, so be ready to claim your seat when the light turns green next month, maybe even consider a few backups.

You should take a moment to check out the lineup, and set aside some time to visit when you’re at the Con. It’s officially summertime in our host hemisphere - the season of DEF CON has begun!

Come through and show them some love and learn something new.

If your obsession isn’t represented, maybe it’s time to write up a proposal for DEF CON 27! Registration is still a ways off - July 8, to be precise, but now is the perfect time to get yourself familiar with the offerings.

Internet of Things Crypto and Privacy Wireless Biohacking R00tz Asylum Hardware Hacking Lockpicking Social Engineering Tamper Evident Data Duplication DEAF CON Voting Machine Hacking Recon AI Soldering Skills Drone Warz VX (Chip-Off) Mobile Museum of Vintage Technology Ethics Laser Cutting Cannabis CAAD (Competition on Adversarial Attacks and Defenses) Blue Team Car Hacking Packet Hacking Industrial Control Systems Skytalks Monero/BCOS Chances are there’s a few things in that list you want to level up on.

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