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My passport is Canadian, and it states I was born in this country.

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There’s no gentle way to say it: women tend to live longer.

So, there are a lot of single older women out there.

He called me back, and I told him about my experience, reminding him that demographics show that the city is becoming more diverse.

If his staff does not like black people, they need to get a non-customer facing job because the growing diversity is something that no one can stop.

" My first thought was they are older caucasian women, and maybe their minds are still trapped in the 1950s.

I pretended like nothing happened and went home, called the store's corporate office and demanded to speak to the head executive that runs all the Edmonton retail stores.

They warned me about the racism here, but I thought they were exaggerating.

I thought that if Ontario welcomes diversity, Western Canada can't be that different.

I left work one day and headed to the mall to pick up some thank you cards.

I was wearing a fancy white blazer, black dress pants, and a feminine white blouse.

When I landed at Edmonton International Airport, it felt like I moved to Texas.

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