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List of Famous Men Who Married Much Younger Women, loosely ranked by fame and popularity.

List of Famous Women Who Married Much Younger Men, loosely ranked by fame and popularity.

It has been commonplace for famous men to marry younger women for decades, but there are a few famous females who decided to wed younger men.

Who is the most famous man who married a much younger woman? The Donald proposed to Melania Knauss in 2004, when he was 58 years old and she was 34.

The couple married on January 22, 2005 and they are still married today.

Some women in Hollywood don’t seem to care about that, though!

Instead of following conventions, these older women have decided that younger men are the way to go!

They married on June 15, 2010, and they parent her adopted son Liam.

This is Flockhart's first marriage, and Ford was married twice before.

Some famous men married younger women later in their lives, while others married younger women multiple times.

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