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Until about five years ago, the answer had been a funeral. On the surface, it was a great idea, had made for an amazing scene.

Grand speeches about great moments of true selflessness from even despicable villains, good guys doing the most heroic of sacrifices. Could the people in charge of the event really let someone stand up and give a eulogy for someone like Kaiser?

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As for me, I decided to take a really long break from chatango after seeing it has become now.. Freakish,so called `Elite RPer`: OMG -Blocks the ordinary person-Ordinary person after being blocked: Gosh. All I wanted is have a nice normal talk with her.....

status: hunting monsters Wheres those fun cybers also love to hear your sexy stories Mistress Succulentass i have a wix but i will fullfill any role or character if you ask 3 questions, 3 chances, 3 honest answers. Any questions, anything no matter how crazy or wrong it is. But I dare you to put this in your profile and see what people ask!

ERP/CYber account: Name: Jessica Age: 17-32 Race: Human S.

O: Bi Pos: Sub Note: Horse and other furries will get priority it's just how I am.

You can choose your language settings from within the program.

Last Chapter Next Chapter How was a city like Brockton Bay supposed to pay its respects to all the heroes, villains and miscellaneous others that died to protect it?

Update Star Free and Update Star Premium come with the same installer.

Update Star includes support for many languages such as English, German, French, Italian, Hungarian, Russian and many more.

Likes: Lifting Weights, Fighting, Training new Amazons, Experimenting with Proteins and like chemicals.

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