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star and decided to play matchmaker, setting her up with his roommate, Johnny Mc Daid of British soft-rockers Snow Patrol.Sheeran was going to maintain a vow of silence on the subject, but once the paparazzi snapped a few pics of the couple together, he figuredand told the whole story to the bastion of journalistic integrity that is OMG! "I wasn't allowed to talk about this, actually, but it's just gone public so...I would never say that I fell in love with my husband because he was a musician, but I can say it did help (as did his French accent.) Now, when he drives me a bit bat shit crazy, I just has to breathe and remind myself that I married a French musician, so maybe that’s why he doesn’t understand that sheets should be changed once a week.

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The contemporary dating scene might, at times, resemble TS Eliot’s wasteland or, worse, a post-apocalyptic landscape punctuated by primeval beings who shy away from light. have been designed to help our poor unfortunate souls navigate this waters full of piranhas and snares, but to little, or no, avail.

The dating scene has become so bizarre lately that there are a plethora of web series dedicated to the topic.

A musician's music forces him to hit several different octaves just by moving his lips and tongue. Trained musicians have the "superior ability to maintain and manipulate competing information in memory, allowing for efficient global processing," according to a study by York University. In my experience, musicians are never the type to be afraid to talk about what's on their minds.

As a result, he definitely knows how to put those muscles to work when he needs to. That means if you tell him to grab milk on his way home, he might actually (gasp! They are way more articulate about what's going through their heads, and that’s a good thing.

In the beginning, this didn’t go over so well with my parents.

It was one thing to have dated musicians, photographers, and painters all through my 20s, but to actually marry a struggling artist was a completely different thing.It also means, yes, they will know exactly how to talk dirty.Contrary to popular belief, I have never met a musician who didn’t know how to dress.Due to their extremely dynamic lives and to their multi-faceted repertoire they are prone to making new friends and new memories. They don’t need extensive grooming (or makeup), a fastidious hair routine and they don’t even bother with the latest fashion pieces.They just wear a discreet suit or an ever-flattering little black dress and they’re ready to go.Instead, here at 37 reasons why dating a musician is really the best.

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