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Being essentially toys to be played with and in spite of the fact that most girls are more careful than boys their age, many have suffered severe damage, most often in the form of cracks or chips to the Bisque material.

In these cases, professional restoration by someone experienced with antique dolls is the best course of action; DIY repairs are not recommended for prized collectible dolls such as these.

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The body was subcontracted to other companies and it was usually made of different material, including and as such are nowadays regarded as one of the best brands by collectors and fetch high prices at Auction.

Appraising Armand Marseille dolls is a bit tricky as a lot depends on condition and authenticity.

A 7½ M - blue sleeping eyes, composite body and ball-jointed limbs (2) More details Dolls - Armand Marseille Dream Baby 351 / 5K and another doll - bisque head mark 8, possibly French - brown sleeping eyes, composite body, ball-jointed arms and legs, moulded brows painted (2) More details Dolls - selection of various sized dolls - including Armand Marseille 560N A 10/0 M, bisque head and shoulders doll marked 610 6/0, another small German doll and a small boy doll (4) CONDITION REPORT All bisque boy doll marked 172 2/0.

body badly cracked, leg badly cracked, head flat at back, fingers and toes fine.

Although a lot of production took place during the later part of 19th C, the vast majority of Armand Marseille dolls in the antiques market today were made between 1900 to 1930.

It is very rare to find any Armand Marseille dolls that are unmarked and one should be very skeptical of such specimens.

Comprising of; large Armand Marseille ' 590 ' doll (extensive repairs to head) 65cm tall, an unknown make (possibly Simon & Halbig ) German doll with basket (repair to face) measuring approx 37cm tall, an early German miniature bisque and composition doll (repairs to both legs) 13cm tall and a larger later composition headed doll of unknown origin (crack to rear of head). More details Two antique late 19th / early 20th century dolls. More details Three assorted bisque head vintage dolls, including one Armand Marseille, open mouth with closing mouth, one French head with leather body ' Lilly', one German baby, along with one 1920s doll a/f More details Dolls. Bisque head doll, shaded hair, Marked AM Germany 341/4.

The first being a composition headed black doll stamped to rear of head ' DRGM - Germany ' likely Armand Marseille, and the second being an earlier bisque headed doll by Karl Baumann, with .

Also present is a small quantity of vintage dolls clothing, and doll parts (arms, legs, heads) etc.

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