Dating mamas boy

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If not, she needs to stay at her own house and stop dropping by so darn often.

You got your ATM card stored in her purse She keeps giving you money and paying for things and then you are obligated to do what she wants you to with that money.

In other words, the mother-son relationship doesn't become dysfunctional after the marriage; it is strong enough to survive - and, in some cases, outlast - the marriage.

Here are some warning signs that the man you're dating or married to is a Mama's boy: You can't say anything even slightly negative about his mother; his mother can do no wrong; he can't say "no" to his mother; he avoids confrontation with her at all costs but has no problem getting angry with you; you feel that, if there were a problem between you and his mother, that he would side with and defend her instead of you.

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You go to the spa with her I actually heard about this once. Decide what are your limits and stand firm by them.

Let him know where you stand — independent, firm, and that he is not going to ignore your needs and wants. While you are steady trying to please her, you are usually majorly hurting your own woman.

I guess first, I should define what I mean when I use the term.

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