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Black women are often marketed to directly by cosmetics companies that make lightening or bleaching products.Plus, communities of color often have their own “cures” for darker skin whose ingredients vary from the natural (turmeric or honey) to the possibly carcinogenic (mercury).An ad for Nivea deodorant in India promised “visibly fairer and smoother underarms” that will give you “the confidence to be yourself.” Nivea’s Middle East You Tube page promotes a number of the company’s “Natural Fairness” products to keep your skin lighter.

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Skin lightening or brightening products, meanwhile, are often sold over the counter, and suggest a more subtle shift in your skin tone (brighter rather than whiter) than flat-out bleaching.

A lot of them are “natural” or “organic” since ingredients like citrus or liquorice root can also lighten the skin.

The marketing language for these similar kinds of products is less about getting fairer skin and more about “detoxing” or getting an “even” skin tone, words that suggest more of a focus on health than skin color.

(And it’s difficult to find brands that don’t engage in this sort of doublespeak with over-the-counter products, partly because so many beauty brands are owned by the same parent companies. Fair & Lovely, Dove, and Vaseline are all owned by Unilever.

“There’s no hard definition as to why one would use one label over the other, even though they are very different terms,” Nazarian says.

“One can kind of interchange them.”Although skin brightening products are ubiquitous across the globe, the way those products are marketed varies widely, depending on the market or the intended consumer.

With brightening or lightening products, you can still form pigment.

Within the designation of lightening, or brightening, or even whitening, there are no real rules about what companies can or can’t say.

Whitening products aren’t a new trend — plenty of communities have history with skin bleaching or home remedies intended to lighten the skin.

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