Dating zippo lighter 1937 1950

Other clubs are offered on various internet auction sites. Payment can be made by personal check, Money Order or WWW. Paypal and Money order items are shipped within 24 hours of payment receipt.Items paid by personal check are shipped 10 days post check receipt.Such items might include hard to find vintage wedges that are only in 'fair' or 'near good' condition.

Working with 8 different length irons takes more time than practicing with Simpleton's 2.

Obviously, fewer swing planes maximize practice time.

So, for instance, early Mac Gregor Armour Ironmaster putters, originally selling for $ 5, are still great putters and highly valued.

Some wood shafted clubs, including more modern day models like Otey Crisman putters or Callaway Hickory sticks are listed. are items for sale that usually meet one of the above criteria only.

The company reduced 8 separate swing planes into fewer swing planes.

The company knew simplification could improve the average golfer's game.

Simpleton's Two Motion Irons can help the average golfer play better and smarter.

In 1990, I had the pleasure of playing a member guest golf tournament in Mt. Willie had long since retired from professional pocket billiards, where he had been a national champion for many years.

Some clubs are left as is particularly wedges designed to 'rust'.

Some technical background on golf equipment can be found on a related website

Clubs do make some contribution but it is relatively minor in comparison.

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