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The last two thirds is Porky's meets Risky Business. The relationship between the virgin boy and the porn star seems to stall as the plot steers way off course.A bad guy steals some money, so the boy makes a sex education film with pornstars."When I first read it, I had my apprehensions about it.

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News: "The baby was born at a Florida hospital on Sunday, Oct. The source added: "Emile showed up after the baby was born and he is spending time bonding with his new child." The actor was spotted with his newborn son for the first time today ().

His name is Valor and he was six pounds and two ounces. Everyone is so excited and happy." Although Emile allegedly wasn't present for the birth, he plans to be a hands-on dad.

I wanted something to kind of showcase more of a range of emotions." Though she doesn't consider herself particularly similar to the character she plays, the challenge of finding common ground and understanding where Danielle was coming from gave her confidence as she undertook the role.

"I'm trying to pick projects that I feel somewhat connected to, and I didn't feel like I was anything like this character, but I read the script going, I know what I want to do with this scene, I know what I want to do with that scene." Her exploration of this world did require some research into the adult film business &#Array; the result of which left her with a discernibly different perspective of that business than one might expect.

While the lonely and awkward high-school boy, with a couple of geeky friends, is not a new device in movies, rarely has it been played so well and with such a script.

I feel assured that this movie will push Hirsch into the spotlight.When Matthew meets Danielle (Elisha Cuthbert of TV's 24), the titular girl next door, it seems that he has found the person who can pull him into the real world.Beautiful and daring, she shows him that sometimes you have to take chances and stand-up for yourself.Hers is definitely the weaker of the two lead characters however, as she is never as fully fleshed out as Matthew.Just when everything is looking up for him, one of Matthew's friends shows him a porn video starring Danielle.Some of the funniest moments in the movie come from its supporting cast.

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