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But don't think Marky-Mark is trying to create the next Tinder — the CEO explained that the "totally optional" feature is going to be for "for building real long term relationships, not just hookups," adding: It's a good thing they're keeping privacy and safety in mind — given that just over a month ago, we were finding out about how data-mining firm Cambridge Analytica had accessed info from 87 million Facebook users without their knowledge.

But hey, why not let Facebook control our love lives, too?

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There's an entire section dedicated specifically to suggesting dog-friendly places for dates in your area so you never have to leave your best friends behind.

There's also a "Daily Deals" section where you can learn about dog-related products and businesses, as well as a "Tip or Trick of the Day" section that offers expertise from local vets and trainers.

It's mean to connect individuals who prioritize their pup and are their relationship won't work if they find someone who doesn't share that enthusiasm.

Once you sign up for Dig, you'll be able to view potential paramours (and, of course, their dogs) just as you would in any other dating app: it will show you dog-loving singles nearby daily, allowing you to scroll through their profiles at your leisure.

Given that there are tons of people out there who consider their undying love for pups to be one of their dominant personality traits (and also considering the movie-based-on-a-book Must Love Dogs exists), it was only a matter of time until a dating app intended specifically for dog lovers surfaced.

Dig is a dating app for dog owners, as well as people who really love to hang out with people with dogs but don't have a pet of their own.

Because weeks after Mark Zuckerberg testified in front of congress over the company's data privacy scandal, he announced that the titanous social media platform will take a crack at online dating!

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Just want to meet some friends with dogs you can fawn over?

Desperate for a new direction after trying the clown dating thing?

You can download the app by tapping the link below.

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