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Until May 2011, that game was Football Manager Live, but sadly Sports Interactive pulled the plug on by far the best, and most in-depth online management the world has ever seen.Still, if you like the social interaction, beating real-life managers and competing for signings which come with playing online, then I suggest checking out these best online management games.Anyway, a couple of trips down the training grounds will get you familiar with who has what and you can even write down registration numbers just to be sure.

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This will allow you to make the most of your account with personalization, plus get access to commenting tools, exclusive games, the chance to win cool football prizes and much, much more.

Despite being the most popular sport on the planet, and the success of FIFA, PES and Football Manager combined, there is a lack of what you would call Online Football Management Games.

) However, if you can’t get your hands on the wheels, the suit or the bribe you can always hang around outside with the paparazzi and freeze your cojones off (yes I’m getting that word in as often as possible here…cause I like it! Firstly, select your crime (if you live in Liverpool, burgling the player’s house could be a real ice breaker when you meet up in the nick!

) So where are these clubs and bars I hear you ask? ) But make sure you commit the crime it in a jurisdiction that is likely to see you incarcerated in the same place…don’t get this wrong…

These days it’s usually the elite locations, which most of us still can’t afford.

An exclusive villa in the Seychelles is the Beckhams’ latest choice….imagine the security…Well if you live in the London area here is a guide to some guaranteed hits. instead of doing porridge with (say) Stephen Gerrard you could be in with Percy and Pauli, two six foot five tattoo artists who are missing their ‘girlfriends’. It’s easy enough to find out where they live (just get yourself a date with Rosie Lambert and push her buttons…..guaranteed she’ll spill).I only recommend this option to the seriously desperate/deluded. Tap-up the Real Estate Agent Once you get there though you’ll need a plan.But then there’s the risk the player is transferred. But if you want a closer look at some footballers pads here you go.Footballers Pads In the good old days you could roll-up at a beach in Majorca on a sunny June afternoon and expect a kick about with several pro footballers, adjourn to the pub for a night of fun and even feed off the scraps of their female entourage…if you had good lines or were just plain lucky. weren’t they the days when none of us could afford to holiday in Majorca?Yes, you can meet them on holidays and they may not be coherent but it could be one hell of a night. The tabloids or your ‘sources’ will let you know who eats where…and then it’s down to chance …..unless you can afford to eat there every night of the week until your hero turns up.

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