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On the album's thirteenth anniversary, Revolver looked back on the album as "their most extreme album yet".They compared several songs, namely "Disasterpiece," "People = Shit" and "The Heretic Anthem" as more death metal-influenced than most of the Iowa follows the lyrical style that vocalist Corey Taylor established on Slipknot's debut; it includes strong use of metaphors to describe dark themes including misanthropy, solipsism, disgust, anger, disaffection, psychosis, and rejection.

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While recording vocals for the final song "Iowa", he was completely naked, vomiting all over himself, and cutting himself with broken glass.

"That's where the best stuff comes from," he explained.

While more technical than their debut, Iowa is considered the band's heaviest and darkest album.

It has been certified platinum in the United States and Canada.

With a runtime of 66 minutes and 19 seconds, Iowa is the band's longest album.

In addition to being their longest album, it also contains their longest song to date, the title track.

Released by Roadrunner Records on August 28, 2001, it was produced by Ross Robinson and Slipknot.

The title derives from the band's home state, Iowa, which members have stated is one of their greatest sources of inspiration.

The band was also praised again for its use of an extended line-up consisting of additional percussionists, turntables, and programmed samples.

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