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Police figured that the blood bath had taken place to prevent the victims from indentifying the robber.

Analysing the scene After analysing the scene of the crime and studying the trajectory of the bullets, it was ascertained that the man who fired the .38 was small in stature. The safe, which had been well hidden in a bathroom closet, would probably not be found by someone unless they knew where to look.

You see, Bernard had the undersized body of a jockey.

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The bodies of his wife, Christiane, and Henri Francqui were uncovered.

Autopsies and ballistics tests proved that both had been shot with the same weapon which had taken the lives of the Bergauds and their maid, Alfia Borgioni. He and Christiane had argued over her affair with Francqui. As for Francqui, Bernard had argued with him over Christiane. Bernard claimed he had no choice but to fire in self defense.

This time, the Paris suburb of Neuilly-sur-Seine was the locale of a triple murder. While robbery appeared to be the logical motive, police figured the killer was an amateur.

Emile and Elizia Bergaud were a wealthy couple who failed to keep a dinner engagement with their son-in-law. Together with their maid, Alfia Borgioni, they were found shot to death in their apartment. A professional thief rarely kills and often does not carry a weapon. Bergaud had been shot once in the head and twice in the back. Bergaud had also been shot in the head and in the arm.

Men who had a criminal record were checked out first. He was small and, although he didn’t know the Bergauds on a personal level, he had recently papered and painted their apartment.

He would therefore know the location of the safe and what tools were required to open it. Initially, he denied all, claiming police persecution because of his criminal record dating back over 20 years. As for the American Express card, he told officers he had left a book of wallpaper samples with the Bergauds. Bernard had found the card and intended to return it.

Although Christiane proved to have expensive tastes, the marriage appeared to be a happy one until Nov. That was the day Christiane disappeared with everything of value in the Pesquet home.

She took several of Bernard’s suits, which gave everyone a chuckle.

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He settled in the Paris suburb of Pierrelaye and was considered something of a celebrity by the locals.

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