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publishes a list of the country’s best food destinations, Tampa Bay will be there. C.; Seattle; Denver; and Richmond, Va., have had their day in the sun, and for good reason, but the stars have aligned for us and we are ready for our closeup. It’s food at every price point that is fearless and fresh — street food, mom-and-pop ethnic spots, fine dining and at every level in between; it’s dishes that reveal a new, even defiant take, without ever losing sight of the national dialogue about what’s current.

It’s a place that showcases its indigenous dishes and culinary history, celebrates its farms and seasonal ingredients, and yet is not mired in “this is the way we do it because this is the way it has always been done.” It’s food that honors tradition but values creativity more. Craft beer arrived, which is often galvanizing, igniting consumer interests but also begetting other forward-thinking and “artisanal” food and drink businesses.

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I’ve been waging my own campaign to make sure justice is served. Salads shift but are always good, recently seasonal lettuces getting texturally interesting puffed black rice and zingy pickled shallot.

In general, I’m judgy when people order the chicken entree (cheap or timid or both?

This is because steakhouses tend to be fairly static and frequently don’t reflect the vision of a single authorial voice.

(Also, I’m telling you, steakhouses, you’re going to have to figure out how to market to millennials, roughly 22 percent of the population and extremely reluctant to plunk down $50 on a protein.

In 2017, restaurant sales reached almost $800 billion.

Restaurants are entertainment, safe haven, home away from home.

), but at Reading Room the poulet rouge, probably from Joyce Farms, is a marvel with a changing array of accoutrements.

They now do a tasting menu for , offering a veggie version and pescatarian version as well. In an idle reverie, I might fantasize about kicking back over supper in his kitchen, just me, Michael and Steph Curry.

It’s food that comforts but also has the freedom to surprise. Compared to many other metro areas, there is still relatively inexpensive real estate to be had.

And demographically things are just right: Millennials grew up, moved away and went to college, then came home and started businesses, many of those related to food.

with discounted drinks, snacks and pizza; a quick nosh after a movie night on Tuesdays (your ticket stub gets you off); a deep wine list that can be marauded on Wednesday (bottles half off); or an eight-course chef’s dinner in the tiny private dining room Thursday to Saturday.

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