Nick jonas dating miss usa

After their hand in hand appearance at the Ambani's bash, it is confirmed that they share the same energy. As you let that sink in, look back at some of his most notable romances.

1) Miley Cirus For many millennial kids who dedicated their tween years to all things Disney Channel, Nick Jonas and Miley Cyrus were a true iconic pairing.

Before his alleged relationship with the former Miss World winner, Nick reportedly dated Olivia Culpo, the winner of the Miss Universe pageant in 2012. We've got some details and pictures for you that you must see It isn't surprising that almost every day begins with an update about either Priyanka Chopra or her alleged boyfriend Nick Jonas. This update, today, is about Nick's ex-girlfriend as India Today reports that the American singer dated Olivia Culpo, the winner of the Miss Universe pageant in 2012, before Priyanka.

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The youngest Jo Bro's body might be getting a ton of buzz, but Nick doesn't pay too much attention to the fan fervor surrounding his headline-making abs.

PHOTOS: Celebrity Siblings "It feels good to feel healthy, but I'm not sitting there looking in the mirror," he explained.

Nick, at that point, was co-presenting the event while Olivia attended it and after a few interactions, both allegedly started dating.

Several quarters suggest that Nick and Olivia's relationship was pretty much public as he apparently "serenaded her in front of the whole world" at the Miss Universe pageant four years ago, read a report in India Today.

3) Rita Ora Though Rita Ora denies ever actually dating Nick, she does admit the two were close. 4) Delta Goodrem Delta Goodrem and Nick Jonas dated before splitting in February 2012.

Nick did have a pretty big crush on the singer in 2013 - so big that he actually ended up writing a song about her. Nick was 18 and Delta was 26 when they started seeing each other.

The star is busy looking ahead to the release of his upcoming self-titled album, which drops on November 10.

"I'm thrilled to have music that I'm so passionate about that I love," the singer said.

"She's an amazing person, as you know, and we had a beautiful two years together," Nick said, according to India Today.

See pictures of Olivia Culpo: Nevertheless, Nick and Olivia's relationship is history for now because all eyes are on his alleged girlfriend Priyanka Chopra at the moment.

Nick later confessed his feelings about the whole ordeal in the 2012 Jonas Brother song "Wedding Bells." Selena Gomez and Jonas dated shortly after him and Miley Cyrus called it quits.

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