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He said I was selfish and that I always have been (due to doing things I wanted to and not listening to my parents as much as they wanted me to).That if I cared for them, I'd say "nope, my parents would disapprove of her race, so I shouldn't pursue anything" (paraphrasing) from the get go.I told my dad about her over text while he was on vacation, included a picture of us together, and expressed my concerns about my mom due to my gf's race.

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Texts from mom Text from dad I tried to understand their perspective of why they didn’t want me dating my gf and it came down to her race, that it would bring shame to the family, that their friends and family would shame or look down upon them, that our future generation would struggle. What I don’t understand is they’ve flipped it on me saying I need to choose between my gf or my parents, when in fact I’m choosing both. They are choosing to disown me for being with my gf. I just wanted to inform them I’d met a great girl, someone I could see myself with for a long time, if not for life.

I was met with some of the most extreme reaction I’d ever seen and threatening of disownment.

He was blunt in saying that it came down to a race issue, spewed some generalizations, and that if it made him racist, he was racist.

He said I got myself in this mess and that I would have to choose between her or my parents, a few months relationship vs a life-time relationship.

That I understood the difficulties for any future generations, the difficulties we'd face from bigots (much like him).

He called me idealistic, naive, and explained about social hierarchy (in his view: whites -- black), and how I'd be marrying down if it ever came to that.

I would understand if they’d met her and did not approve of her based on her character or personality, but to disapprove based on race?

I am so appreciative of my parents and things they’ve done for me.

The following days, his texts went from neutral to more wary/negative.

He asked to meet for lunch a day after he got back, to talk.

To be honest, I didn't think of my parents when I met this girl. I went back to my parent’s the next day and told my mother. She asked me how I could torture them like that, whether I wanted to torture them until their deaths, how could I do this to them.

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