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However, at the time, he and Vanderpump didn’t communicate with one another too extensively.Years later, after arriving to SUR with Schroeder, Meagher told Vanderpump that the best part of their initial encounter was the moment he got to watch her walk away.The pair started dating around the time when the star briefly left , in 2015, to move to New York City.

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She even explained the breakup in candid detail on her podcast.

“We get into an argument on our anniversary that he did not remember. I got told I was broke up with a day before our Mexican vacation that I already paid for.”As bad as things sounded for the 29-yer-old Bravo star just months ago, it seems that she's completely unbothered by the past drama of it all, explaining to Bustle how she managed to get through the tumultuous ordeal, while sharing tips for others going through a huge breakup.

The comment was meant to be a compliment towards Vanderpump’s backside but it made the three of them appear quite awkward with one another.

During episodes prior, Vanderpump has made it clear that she isn’t sold on the idea of a romance between Schroeder and Meagher and doesn’t know if he truly has her best interest in mind.

The whole revelation came about when a viewer called in to the show to ask about the current status of Schroeder's love life.

She replied , "I am in a relationship right now." host Andy Cohen asked her how long the relationship has been going on, which prompted Schroeder to admit that she was feeling a bit "bashful" after the admission.I just drink and take Xanax and really feel the pain of it.And then after two weeks of having my friends wait on me hand and foot and really just being depressed, I'm like, OK, I really got that out. My sadness is over, there's nothing I can do about this.And with Stassi's account of her recent split from Patrick, it's easy to see why the reality star would have plenty of advice to give.After all, she revealed back in August that her on-again, off-again boyfriend surprisingly dumped her on their four-year anniversary, according to .star Stassi confirms she is single, and she even shares a few breakup tips she learned along the way.

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