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“We believe our emoticons represent the world,” founder Katrina Parrot said.

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Teams were also given mentoring and a chance to pitch their apps to tech entrepreneurs, Microsoft executives and professional athletes.

“We want to find different diverse developers, [new] app concepts and bring exposure and light to young talent,” Howard said.

Athletes have their own channels, and during the season they post their own unfiltered and exclusive content for fans.

Straight Cast has been growing over four NFL seasons.

“We can help assist in marketing some of these kids with market-ready apps and find positive apps that we feel comfortable putting our name on,” Howard said.

“At the same time, why not develop a [platform] of our own designed to help support these talented individuals with a network of athletes and celebrities to move users.” Howard said the platform will contain a store with all the free and paid apps endorsed by u NITE and by a particular influencer, an educational section about financial literacy and a job section with companies seeking diverse talent.

A six-foot, 185 pound NFL cornerback isn’t the type of tech co-founder expected to be pitching venture capitalists for seed money. Tech entrepreneur Reggie Howard played seven years in the NFL with the Carolina Panthers and Miami Dolphins, until it was time to transition out and take the next step in his life.

For most pro athletes the transition is difficult, Howard said, and getting out of an athlete’s routine took some time.

After a neck injury ended his career in the NFL, Alex Bernstein transitioned into the tech world and found himself in the startup world.

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