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If you have kids, I encourage you to share this with them, whether they are 13 or 30. Make sure your girls know that they can dress in style without being immodest.For example, a girl who shows cleavage is advertising.EDIT: Due to unforeseen circumstances, the venue and dates of these activities have been amended since this article was written.

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This will be an advanced level seminar where participants will reflect on sex education and inclusion from a structural based approach and with a reflection on oppression and discrimination.

Participants will focus particularly on marginalised identities and how they are excluded or erased in mainstream sex education.

Sadly, in today’s world, most children are familiar with sex long before they become teens. That is not a guarantee that they will live like who they are in Christ in this area, but it is still our God-given responsibility to talk with them and guide them in this area.

They have heard all about it from their friends and many have seen a perversion of it because of internet and TV pornography. I took each of my three sons on a father/son weekend to talk about sex when they were in the 6th grade – the first year of Middle School. The best thing we can do for our kids in teaching them about sex, is to challenge them to make some decisions before they ever start dating.

Geographical, organisational and gender balance will be considered in the selection process.

When our children were growing up, Ellen and I both believed that it was our responsibility to talk to each one about sex. The statistics are very compelling that parents still have the greatest influence in the decisions that teens and young adults make about sex before marriage.

The aim of this seminar is to explore sex education in relation to the participants’ own experiences of their identity, bodies, gender and sexuality and analyse how society shapes these identities.

This will be a beginner level seminar where participants will reflect on their own experiences with sex education and their own identities in terms of gender, sex and bodies.

Participants will take part one of two seminars that will use non-formal, participatory methodologies to explore the topics of sex education, gender, sexuality, bodies and body positivity through workshops, discussions, simulations and expert inputs.

Each seminar will be open to 20 participants from IFM-SEI and other partner/sister organisations.

She needs to save all of that for her husband in private after she is married.

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