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That is because most creationists identify first and foremost as Christians – followers of Christ. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.” (John 18.37) And where is truth to be found?

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This particular article “Wikipedia Erases Paleontologist Günter Bechly” by David Klinghoffer bemoans the fact that the ever popular, but hopelessly secular, materialistic, online encyclopedia Wikipedia, under the control of its anti-creation, anti-ID volunteer editors acted (unsurprisingly) like the anti-creation, anti-ID censors that they are.

The article by Klinghoffer points out those editors were unable to contain their blatant bias against Intelligent Design.

To justify a reliance on science you’ll hear of the “Two Book” approach.

This approach says God has revealed in two ways – through his creation itself, and through his revealed word.

Which do you suppose will be more accurate in helping you learn how to fly the jet?

Jumping in and just trying to fly it while also trying to understand the complex avionics in front of you; or reading the POH from the manufacturer to tell you things like how and why to do things in a 777?

Which leads to the next obvious question: What do we know to be true?

Here is where scientists of all types betray a commitment to science consensus (of humans) over truth.

I noticed a pattern developing as I read a recent article in Evolution News & Science Today, the evolution and Intelligent Design reporting and analysis site run by the Discovery Institute.

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