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Herbert, stated to Congress: "if all this old navy of ours were drawn up in battle array in mid-ocean and confronted by Riachuelo it is doubtful whether a single vessel bearing the American flag would get into port." These developments helped bring to a head a series of discussions that had been taking place at the Naval Advisory Board since 1881. Moreover, projecting naval force abroad through the use of battleships ran counter to the government policy of isolationism.While some on the board supported a strict policy of commerce raiding, others argued it would be ineffective against the potential threat of enemy battleships stationed near the American coast.Feel free to chat with us at any time to discuss your specific live chat needs. There are no limits to the number of agents that you can share a site with.

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A year later the Bureau of Construction and Repair (C & R) presented two designs to Secretary of the Navy William Collins Whitney, one for a 7,500-ton battleship and one for a 5,000-ton armored cruiser.

Whitney decided instead to ask Congress for two 6,000-ton warships, and they were authorized in August 1886.

The two sides remained essentially deadlocked until Riachuelo manifested.

The board, now confronted with the concrete possibility of hostile warships operating off the American coast, began planning for ships to protect it in 1884.The general use of steel in warship construction precluded the use of ramming without danger to the attacking vessel.The potential for blast damage from firing end on or cross-deck discouraged en échelon gun placement.The ship lay at the bottom of the harbor until 1911. The delivery of the Brazilian battleship Riachuelo in 1883 and the acquisition of other modern armored warships from Europe by Brazil, Argentina and Chile shortly afterwards, alarmed the United States government, as the Brazilian Navy was now the most powerful in the Americas.The chairman of the House Naval Affairs Committee, Hilary A. Navy could not challenge any major European fleet; at best, it could wear down an opponent's merchant fleet and hope to make some progress through general attrition there.For Media or External Affairs Inquiries, click here to locate your state's External Affairs Representative.

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