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“The picture of the girl seemed very posed and then when we looked deeper, there were no other personal photos and all of the friends that she had were young boys,” Shea told W5’s Sandie Rinaldo. Like, I’ve been talking to this girl for three days now. “And then I realized that I should have taken like an extra ten minutes to look at her profile.” Shea worried about how many boys were being tricked into falling for “Ashley Matthews” and going down an even more dangerous path. With Eric’s permission, the detective took over the teen’s Facebook account and started chatting with Ashley Matthews. They know how to manipulate our kids and they do it every day. After a month of undercover work, Norton discovered “Ashley Matthews” was a 38-year-old elementary school teacher named Stephen Alexander Martin. resident had taught in Durham Region public schools since 1998. He knew how connected they were to social media,” said Eric. It just became that much worse.” Martin was charged with luring, invitation to sexual touching and child pornography offences.

“I thought it was some creepy old guy trying to talk to my son.” And that “creepy old guy” posing as Ashley Matthews was already Facebook friends with thousands of young, 12- to 14-year-old boys. At first, he became angry and was in complete denial. Much to Eric’s and Shea’s shock, Martin was known to both of them. Court documents obtained by W5 reveal that after searching Martin’s house, police found 18 computer hard drives with about 9,500 pictures of child pornography and almost 2,000 movies.

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Beautiful, blonde, and sexually aggressive; profile photos showed her clad in a cropped top and tight jeans.

Her name was Ashley Matthews and her online identity claimed she was a 14-year-old girl from Whitby, Ont.

At his office at Durham Regional Police we watched him work, logging onto chat rooms while posing as a teen.

Within minutes he’s being invited to chat and share pictures with what are obviously older men.

She was trying to convince him to do more than just continue chatting. Along with his mother, Shea, they wanted to share their story with W5 but couldn’t due to a court-ordered publication ban.

With the family’s permission, W5 brought an application to the Ontario Superior Court of Justice to have that ban lifted.

Project 'P' Detective Randy Norton was the right cop to investigate the Ashley Matthews case.

He is part of an Ontario Provincial Police joint taskforce called “Project P” – the “P” stands for child pornography.

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He was sentenced to prison for two years less a day.

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