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The building was concrete block, the floor packed dirt, tamped hard over the years, and the furniture was clean but very old. "You came up with the basic VR interface most people still use. And it was also true he wasn't worried--he had run his own company until he sold it, and had been on the boards of several major corporations since. For computer stuff, you have Jay Gridley; he is the best there is.

The people who owned the cafe were Turks, though they didn't wave that in anybody's face. Half of our high-end software packages here are systems you wrote, or based on those you did. How different was managing a government computer agency from running a private one? General John Howard will still be on board at military operations for another week or so, and his replacement, Colonel Abe Kent, is, by all accounts, a first-class military man.

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A bit of reverse psychology, and one that Celik was proud of. Stay in front of the computer, work Congress to keep the wheels oiled, and you'll do fine." Thorn nodded. His mind was his most valuable tool, not his fists. I would stay and help you in the transition, but I have only a couple of weeks before I have to be at my new job, and we need to get moved and settled. Which did make his job easier when he was trying to pry information from its hiding place.

The color of his smokes notwithstanding, he looked like most men he had passed in this town. Jay Gridley can answer any questions you might have." "I know Gridley's work," he said. I hope the job is what you want, Commander." Thorn thought. Change was in the air: Alex and Toni were leaving; John Howard, too, and new faces were coming in. A cheap, rough-looking, dot-matrix-printed label covered the hard plastic protecting the disk.

He took a deep drag from his hand-rolled, unfiltered cigarette.

The cheap tobacco was harsh; the greasy blue smoke bit his throat and lungs when he inhaled. The cafe was small--tiny, really--only four tables, a family operation that catered to locals.

It was bitter, full of grounds, and it had gone cold, but it gave him something to do with his hands. At fifty, even after twenty-six years in the game, he was always a little nervous at this stage.

Death was a spy's constant companion, but Celik had outrun Him every time before, and even though he was slower now than he had been as a young man, he had no reason to believe he couldn't outrun the grave diggers one more time.

" Well, certainly there was nobody who would admit to it-- "Steel," Kokmak said, interrupting his memory. " Celik wasn't interested in the culinary opinions of a man who showed up late for a meeting. A pickup truck full of soldiers was parked ahead of him and he went past at full speed. That pair of short, hooked knives had saved his life and that of his family, when Toni had been pregnant. "You can only fail if you give up too soon." He killed the chef scenario. A few video clips showed worshippers bowing toward Mecca, kneeling and bowing on beautifully woven prayer rugs, and others showed old-style stitched-photo VR views of various points around the temple.

He picked up the newspaper, tucked it into his jacket pocket, and stood. Celik ran for the kitchen, shouldered the old man aside, and sprinted past the grandson, who looked up from a pot on the stove in surprise. " "Men with guns are about to come through your front door," Celik said. Best you and your grandfather leave, if you don't want trouble." The old man came through the beaded curtain and glared at Celik. He jerked the door open, surprising the Irani soldier holding on to the handle outside, pulling him off balance. Coupled with his knowledge of the esoteric Indonesian fighting art called to be dealt with, and removing his family from harm's way was much smarter than contending with such adversaries. The program he'd used would have detected any hidden steg-artifacts in the compressed images, and he didn't see any obvious clues. Could there be a slim data-fiche built into the surface of the disk?

" Before Hasare could finish his query, Hard Ass had stepped over to him and driven a fist into Hasare's belly. The old man came over bearing another coffee cup and a fresh pot. His personal fragrance drifted across the table, a mix of dirt, sweat, and fear, sour and pungent. "I have a long drive ahead of me." Celik's voice was barbed. The young man turned to look, and Celik slammed the assault rifle's butt into the man's nose. It felt as if he had been hit by a hammer, but he didn't fall, didn't put the bike down. Amazing how much crap you picked up when you sat behind a desk in the same spot for a few years: rubber bands, paper clips, batteries, flashmem cards . He was leaving government service for the private sector, moving far away in time and space, into a new life with his wife and son. If a man didn't take care of his family, he wasn't much of a man, no matter how well the rest of the world might think of him. He let himself flow into the "is" state he and Saji had been practicing, allowing himself a brief stab of pride at the craftsmanship of his scenario. Word processors on Net Force's network wouldn't feel it, but anyone doing anything complicated right now would probably be cursing him. When he sat, he felt the rough fabric of the old cloth seat against his back.

When the trainee doubled over, trying to catch his breath, Hard Ass clubbed the man behind the ear with his elbow, knocking him to the floor, unconscious. "Was there anybody else who did not understand me when I said this was not open for question? He put the cup down in front of Kokmak, poured it full, added more to Celik's cup, then shuffled away. "Of course." He laid the newspaper on the table, sipped at the coffee, then blew on it to cool it. "You'd think that a Turk would know how to make good coffee, no? He straddled the motorcycle, pressed the starter button. Holding the weapon pointed over the handle bars, he clicked the foot shifter into gear and turned the throttle, rocked the bike off the stand, and started up the street. He had a weapon, he had transportation, he was headed for home! He was a hundred meters away and gathering speed, thinking he could certainly outrun that loaded truck on the motorcycle, when they started shooting. He opened the drawer on the right side, saw the case nestled there. He remembered a line he'd read in a newspaper article once, a quote from Jonas Salk, inventor of the polio vaccine. Could there be something hidden within the pictures on the disk? The disk was full of pictures exactly as advertised--a beautiful old mosque near the sea.

If you fall and break your leg, you will splint it and hop if necessary. Regular files would show up as rocks, and encoded ones--the kind he wanted to find--would appear to be gold nuggets. He smiled--a gap-toothed smile in this VR scenario, unkempt whiskers brushing his lips. Carefully he scooped flour from the bag and dumped it into the sifter.

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