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Opens with a bit of a sour and yet sweet lemon lime type of aroma, an orange smell, probably layered with other citrusy scents and notes like bergamot and neroli or lemon verbena. These flowers are normally feminine and powdery and one can argue that it does smell unisex/feminine but to me the lavender has always been sexless and or unisex and has a very distinctive spicy-floral scent that can be worn by men.

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The vanilla is the final note and it takes over the scent in a very stylish clean polished and powdery way but a bit dark with musk and wood.

This is a fougere-wood scent, without making a big statement and lacking in more mature and heavier traditional masculine notes like leather or tobacco.

I'll probably splurge on a smaller atomizer and give that a shot with this scent.

I recently gave my fiancé a set of "Dana classic" minis, including Canoe, and I occasionally "borrow" this scent as well.

It's subtle, yet immediately recognizable, and murmurs rather than shouts.

It reminds me of the piano music of Erik Satie --- unpretentious, compact, and introspective.

Until the mossy fougères of the 1960s and aromatic fougères of the 1970s, oily-powdery musky lavenders were the masculine paradigm.

The accord was ubiquitous, scenting a range of men's grooming products, becoming the scent of the masculine 'safe zone': the barbershop.

Instead it makes a perfect introduction to cologne for boys or young men who don't want to wear a real cologne. It has a similar feel and it has some of the same notes but it has a woodsier scent in the dry down. Do not buy the "new" Canoe with the typeface Times New Roman-ish font that says Dana on it, that's probably the latest reform.

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