being so accomodating - Xbmc library not updating mysql

I have multiple instances of kodi running in my house on RPi2 using openelec, and all my media stored on a HP Microserver.

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I unplugged the Core and installed it in my media centre. Booted to Openelec and it does not connect to the database and the library does not connect.

It is still connected to the network and file shares as I can still browse the files and play them..

Presumably your NAS is always on so you can have sonarr talk to that instance to perform updates.

I played around with a docker container ( on my Synology.

For reference the installed openelec version is 6.0.3 running Kodi 15.2.

My file is as follows: - option as I am only running the one library within the household.

I am further assuming that if I was to upgrade the openelec versions to 7 beta the kodi instances would all be the same, however I am on the latest stable build of openelec and it is working absolutely perfectly and I am therefor hesitant to upgrade to a beta.

Early in the fault finding process, using putty I connected to the sql server on the NAS and queried the database names, this returned a few hits, namely 'My Videos93".

Mine all moved from a NFS export on one server to a CIFS share on another. You might need to upgrade to the latest XBMC release which is currently 11.0 (code named "Eden"). There is a XBMCBuntu version that runs on a stripped down version of Ubuntu (Linux). There's still other releaes of XBMC for other OS's like Mac too.

So you your problems may be completely unrelated to XBMC but rather stem with your operating system.

It looks like the Kodi Connector is designed to talk to Kodi (which would update the DB).

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